CT Chemie-Technik AG

Global performances, for the benefit of our customers.

In the chemical and pharmazeutical industriy, some very important factors of success play a huge role between customers and suppliers. Thanks the installations and the quality of the components, from vast services such as advice assistance engineering, after-sales service, to asembly and logistics, our performances are very hight.

Construction of installations: The most complete available range

Our company has been playing a leading role, for decades, by participating in the economic planning and the realization of installations and equipments in pure and corrosive fluids in association with each of our customers and our manufacturers. Specialists elaborate individual solutions and processes implementing materials and reliable components. The services cover the basic engineering to the detailed engineering together with the economic planning in the assembly and the choice of the material from the starting of an installation, so covering all the important stages of the realization. Our qualified fitters also execute all the works of increase, purification and revision to meet the customers needs and demand. 

Components: multiple choices

Our range includes components such as: pumps, valves, filters, flexibles, technical glasses, devices of regulation, bursting disc dystems, plate heat exchangers, automation, security and process components and spare parts. The range of services offered includes, specific services - advice, compared with the use and the considered product. 

Choice of the appropriate material: A solution finding within an optimal time

CT Chemie-Technik AG sells installations, equipment and takes charge of the construction of pipings, from companies occupying a leading place on the market. Our specialists recommend materials with resistance raised to the corrosion, such as these glass in the borosilicate, the enamelled steel, the fluoride plastics, the graphite or some certain particular metals. The offer is completed with a range of devices, machines and rustproof or plastic steel installations.

CT Chemie-Technik AG: Your partner in the vast and global technical knowledge in the domains of chemistry and the environment. Our way to act confronts to the satisfaction of our customers.