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[Translate to Englisch:] Your service partner 
Maintenance – Inspections - Repairs 
CT Chemie-Technik AG is a team of highly qualified and skilled technicians and workman, which offers specialized and competent consultancy. We take over complete responsibility for the complete service and inspection tasks and support and assist you during the developement and implementation of technically complex solutions. 
CT offers: 
- Technical consultancy by competent specialists 
- Initial failure analysis with damage report and cost estimate 
- On-site disassembly and assembly all over Switzerland 
- Logistics service: freigth forwarding, pick-up, packaging and transport 
- Quick revsion of industrial valves, pumps and agitators 
- Revisions of industrial valves and pumps ? Specialized methods as: lapping, polishing, flame-spraying, 
- plating-up, sandblasting and painting. 
- Final inspection (test stand, tightness test, pressure test with certification) 
- Storage and management of industrial valves, monitoring and control valves, pumps 
We revise/inspect and repair : 
- Various lined and metallic valves of different manufacturers 
- Safety reilief valves, with SVTI certificate 
- Monitoring and control devices 
- Varius lined and metallic pumps of different manufacturer 
- Mechanical seals pumps, magnetic coupling pumps. 
- Agitators, mechanical seals 
Our customer base: 
- Chemical and pharmaceutical industry 
- Food industry 
- Enviromental and waste disposal engineering 
- Power supply 
We have a long lasting experience in chemical, pharmaceutical and environmental technology. This makes CT Chemie-Technik AG your preferred partner for services around these technologies. Satisfied Customers are what matters most to us, and we align all our activities to achieve that goal.